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Subjects Offered

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Beyond the Classroom offers lessons in a wide variety of subject areas. We offer tutoring sessions both in person (within the Greater Orlando area) and virtually through our virtual blackboard platform. We will travel directly to your home or you may coordinate a meeting spot with one of our tutoring professionals. 



  • reading comprehension (K-12)

  • writing (K-12)

  • ELA (K-12)


  • Standard/honors science (K-12)

  • Earth Space Science

  • Biology (1, 2)

  • Pre-chemistry

  • Chemistry


Standardized test prep for both SAT and ACT/College preparatory tests.


  • Standard/honors math (K-12)

  • Pre-algebra

  • Algebra 1/2

  • Geometry (standard/honors)


Standard/honors Spanish (K-12)

GED/Essay/Resume Prep

Career and college prep

Before Maddy and her team helped our student, we were discouraged and concerned our child wouldn't be able to transition back into face-to-face classes from a virtual format. Maddy and the Beyond the Classroom Team not only helped my student but gave her the confidence to truly strive past her educational goals.

The Gutar Family

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