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No child left behind 

At Beyond the Classroom tutoring, we pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind teaching philosophy that ensures each student will succeed. From the beginning of our time together, each student is considered as a unique learner and their sessions are specifically tailored to their needs and desired outcomes. 


At our first session, we will take the time to assess your student in the subject area to be mastered. Upon careful review of the assessment, we will be able to tailor further sessions to meet your student's need. 


We will not spend time reviewing concepts that your student has mastered, but rather take advantage of the time we have with your student to hone in on weaker subject areas. 


An additional component of our initial assessment includes a thorough analysis of any previous work your student has done in conjunction with an evaluation of your student's preferred learning style to tailor future sessions towards. 


We recognize each student ultimately has a  different learning style or combination of styles that will facilitate the absorption of material. Furthermore we see the need for individualized, customized lesson plans for your student to get the attention that they ultimately need. 

We see this trend often as schools tend to overload students with work and as teachers become pressed for time in the classroom and thus are spread thin to convey a lesson to a large class of students. As schools become more standardized, teachers are limited to the approaches they may take with students, thus we pride ourselves on our ability to pick up the slack and work collaboratively alongside the educational system to "fill in your student's educational gaps".

We believe that each student, regardless of capacity, strengths, weaknesses, or ability has the potential to expand their educational limits. We strive to instill confidence, drive, and determination in each one of our students to push towards exceeding their goals in the classroom. 

As competition increases within the walls of a classroom as students prepare for higher education, we aim to ensure your student never gets left behind and stands out amongst the crowd. 

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