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At Beyond the Classroom, we pride ourselves on making education and additional help accessible and affordable for every student. We never want finances to hinder a student's potential to excel. 

Pricing is contingent upon the following:
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We commute around the greater Orlando area. Depending on your location or desired meeting spot, our prices may vary to compensate for travel time, mileage, and gas. 

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Rigor of Subject Area

Our pricing may vary depending on the difficulty of the subject matter being taught as the preparation for said tutoring sessions generally increases as subject matter becomes more rigorous.

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Duration of Sessions

Depending on the time necessary to address your student's needs, our rates may vary to compensate for more or less time. 


Payment: We require payment upon completion of the tutoring session. Payments are accepted through Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Square. Payment goes directly to our management staff member so that she may pay tutors in accordance with Florida Law. If you are delinquent on payments, we will make three attempts to contact you before requiring payment prior to the following tutoring session before we can secure you a time slot. 

Cancellations: All cancellations and inquiries to reschedule, unless a medical, family, or unanticipated emergency, must be made at least 24 hours in advance or will be billed in full. 

Late Policy: Due to commitments with multiple students, our late policy is as follows: any student over 10 minutes late to the tutoring session will be billed in full. Our time allotted together begins approximately when the tutoring session is scheduled to begin and should not exceed beyond 5 minutes when the tutoring session is scheduled to terminate. 

Safety/Liability Disclaimer: We are not to be held liable for your you/your child’s safety or the safety of their electronic devices whilst tutoring them. We are not to be held liable for you/your children’s test scores or scores on assignments. Our goal is to aid you/your student in becoming the best student you/they can be and to help them in subjects where you/they may need additional support or assistance. While we have seen each one of our students improve in the areas to which we’ve provided assistance, we cannot guarantee you/your child’s unique success.
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